NCCER Card Number Request Form

Fill out the form below to receive your new NCCER card number or find your existing card number. This form is required to create or retrieve your NCCER Record.

I hereby authorize NCCER and the NCCER accredited organization(s) where I receive training or testing to store, access and utilize my personal information in association with my training and/or assessment records. Further, I hereby authorize NCCER to rely upon this information to maintain my training and/or assessment records in its Registry System. I hereby release and hold harmless NCCER from any and all liability resulting from (i) its reliance on personal information I provide, or (ii) disclosing such information when required to do so by law or court order. I confirm my understanding that any and all NCCER credentials and/or certifications I receive may be revoked by NCCER at any time, with or without notice, if it is determined that the organization through which I received them has violated the NCCER Accreditation Guidelines & Program Compliance standards or any other applicable policies and procedures promulgated by NCCER. I also understand and agree that NCCER shall have no legal, financial or other liability to me for the revocation of any certification or credential, and that financial liability for any funds paid to an organization for training, testing, or other services associated with the issuance of such certifications or credentials shall rest solely with said organization.